Consultation and advice

Each locality in Doncaster has an identified member of the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) team who works directly with schools and GPs in the area to provide early intervention support and a link into the CAMHS service. The locality worker will:

  • Offer regular consultation slots that you can book into to discuss cases as well as receive advice and guidance on the management of cases, support for interventions, co-working and liaison. This could be in the form of one of one-to-one support and guidance or longer term supervision in managing cases.
  • Have the ability to offer brief interventions directly with the child or young person, to offer short term one-to-one support with their mental health and mental wellbeing. This may take the form of a discreet piece of work which would mean the child or young person does not have to enter services unnecessarily. It could also provide an environment to offer a period of extended assessment of the child or young person to better identify their current care needs and ensure most appropriate referrals are made in the timeliest manner.
  • Offer support to identify the most appropriate person within the child or young person’s network to lead their case and to ensure that care co-ordination is not lost through service transitions.
  • Provide partnership working with the child or young person’s network to discuss and support their needs, including with key workers, schools, colleges, early help teams, social care teams, GPs and other practitioners who work with young people.
  • Work with you to step up and step down cases through CAMHS. This is to ensure children and young people are better supported, don’t enter unnecessary services and receive the most appropriate support on discharge from the core CAMHS service.
  • Carry out joint visiting and assessments where clinically appropriate to make sure families don’t experience excessive appointments.
  • Deliver training, education and a greater awareness of children’s mental health services, mental health issues and mental wellbeing.