Locality Workers

Are you a professional worried about the mental or emotional health of a child or young person from Rotherham?

Locality workers are the initial contact point for professionals working within Rotherham who have concerns about a child or young person’s mental or emotional health.

Consultation and advice can be sought with Rotherham Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) with your designated locality worker. Prior to contacting your locality worker, please ensure that you have gained consent for this consultation from parent/carer or the young person if they are 16 years old and above. The young person and parents/carers should fully understand that relevant information may be shared with appropriate agencies.

To help us to assess the urgency and the suitability for the CAMHS service, please provide information about the current mental health concern and the impact on the child and family. Also include what support has been tried before and who has been involved.