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Crisis support

Intensive Community Support

The aim of the Intensive Community Support (ICS) service is to provide an alternative to admission to Tier 4 mental health facilities, by providing intensive community based mental health support and, where applicable, therapeutic interventions.

Where an admission does occur, we will ensure close liaison and will assist in shortening the inpatient stay by facilitating early discharge and support back to the community.

The need for such a service has arisen due to the recognition that some young people experience chronic and long-term mental health issues that necessitate numerous Tier 4 admissions over a number of years. Their needs are often severe, persistent and complex. Therefore, there is a need to provide alternative options of care more acceptable to young people and their families, encompassing a young person’s family and wider community. The service works, intensively at required times, with young people so that they can remain at home with their families and do not require admission or repeated admission to a Tier 4 facility. For the young people at risk of repeated admission, clear and robust plans will be in place so that access to this service is made available at the earliest opportunity to avoid a crisis situation.

For those young people that need admission to Tier 4 facilities, the service will ensure that intensive and appropriate support and continuity of care, post discharge, is available.

The ICS service is multi-disciplinary with a paediatric liaison nurse linked to the team.