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Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service  is a service you can visit together with your family to talk about problems you might be having. We are here to help you if you are feeling worried, sad or angry or you are having issues with your behaviour. You may hear these called mental health problems.

It’s okay to feel sad, worried, angry or like you don’t fit in, everyone feels like this sometimes. You might have already talked to other people for help such as your family, a close friend or your teacher. But if the problem’s not going away and you are not able to do the things you like, we might be able to help. We will work with you and your family to understand how you are feeling and together we can help you feel better.

We’ve lots of specially trained staff who work within the team who are here to help you. Some of them you might meet include:

  • Mental health nurses.
  • Psychologists.
  • Child Psychiatrists.
  • Art therapists.
  • Family therapists.
  • Support workers.

Find out what they do at the Our People page.

If you feel you cannot speak to your parents or carers please talk to an adult you trust or you can contact your teacher, school nurse, GP or the CAMHS team directly.

Rethink Mental Illness have developed a great toolkit for young people who have questions or worries about their mental health and want to know more. There’s a mixture of things to read and think about, and activities which you can complete: Rethink Toolkit

You can also find lots of information on the Young Minds website.

CAMHS Resource:

Advise for children starting Primary and Secondary School

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