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Want to know what other young people and families thought about their Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service experience?

In this section we will share with you parent and professional feedback about the service we deliver, as well as sharing with you their experiences of mental health difficulties and journeys through CAMHS


My daughter has been under CAMHS for a while – Just wanted to say how pleased with how Lindsay has been there for  ####, she’s rung her weekly maybe twice a week if she’s been down in herself – without Lindsay’s support she could have been struggling more. So I also want to give praise where it’s due to Lindsay.

-parent August 2020

Your support to students over the years has been above and beyond amazing, and the support you have given to Helen and me during some difficult times we will never forget.

Alan you are one in a million and we will miss you so much.

Take care and please keep in touch

School Comment

Incredible – she’s totally upbeat and chatty. Thank you so much for being so kind today. I am so grateful

Parent Comment

I would personally like to take this opportunity to thank you both for all the help and support you have given xxx

We have been able to see our happy, chatty, slightly crazy daughter again. Also she has the ability to see things in a more positive light now.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Kindest Regards

Parent Comment

The workers have been brilliant with all my children through their assessments of ASD. My children aged 5 – 10 years have always felt at ease.

Thank you for being at the end of an email and picking up the phone when ever Sharon and I need to ask you a question. It is a great comfort knowing we have your support.

School Comment

Our CAMHS Worker was very thoughtful and considerate, listening well and helping my daughter to express her emotions. She also respected my own concerns as mum and honoured the family dynamics rather than undermining them. She went out of her way to ensure that my daughter got the help she needed, whilst helping me to feel supported during a scary time.

Parent Comment

I just wanted to say a massive Thank you! These past few weeks have been intense to say the least. I’m so grateful for your patience, care and understanding while supporting us.
I have used the strategies which you suggested and I have noticed a big improvement with ………’s behaviour and mood.

You’ve helped me help my son, thank you!

You’ve also shown professional whilst supporting me with my difficulties too. It’s been so refreshing to speak honestly and openly with a professional such as yourself without feeling judged.

Thank you for the information which you’ve sent too. The material has been useful

Parent Comment

Our CAMHS Worker listened to everything we had to say and was non-judgemental and empathetic, which as a parent going through this is a vital element of working together. The way she explained ****’s condition and her attention to exploring different aspects of treatment were fantastic, and thanks to that my daughter is flourishing and I feel hopeful for her future.  I honestly cannot thank her enough: Amazing’  ‘It has to be said that she is a credit to the service. Her knowledge, empathy and care, have been second to none.

Parent Comment

I would like to thank you and your team very much for the significant positive outcomes achieved with at least two of our students since you began working with them. !! is a changed girl in school, no longer alone and visibly “down” but a smiling exuberant student with a good group of friends. ** is also visibly more confident and exchanging pleasantries socially where beforehand she was too withdrawn to do so.

School Comment

I wanted to say that the meeting with Martin was one of the best, clearest, most helpful I’ve had with any Mental Health Professional in the last 14 years I’ve been a Vicar. He communicated very well, pitched what he was saying so !!! could understand and then at a different level for me.

His insights were mind blowing, answering questions about some behaviours I’ve seen in a wide range of children and never been able to explain. Schools often use “but they’re friends” to dismiss parenting concerns about bullying but Martin’s addition of “friends” to fight, flight or freeze was a mind opening revelation.

He is an exemplary practitioner and I would like to spend more time learning from his wisdom.

I hope this is helpful


Vicar Comment

I would just like to say thank you for all of your help with anonymous, you have been very patient and much more helpful than anyone else we have met, so thanks again.

Parent Comment