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Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Pathway

The child sexual exploitation pathway is a specialist consultation service, which means we support and advise the practitioners that are already working closely with children and families that are affected by child sexual exploitation, especially where they may not otherwise have access traditional mental health support. The pathway provides workforce consultation and training with the aim to facilitate a more systemic approach to the intervention and support given to children, young people and their families that have been exposed to sexual exploitation.

We can provide consultations to any staff member or group whose role is to support a child or family affected by child sexual exploitation in order to develop their understanding and practice. Staff from CAMHS, Early Help, Schools and Social Services are examples of the workforce we offer consultations to.

The clinician will consider the complexities of the child’s developmental needs and support the professional network by offering a space to reflect on how trauma can affect the child’s brain, the body, the mind and subsequent relationships.

What to do if you are concerned about a child who is at risk of child sexual exploitation or is experiencing child sexual exploitation now: