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Transforming Care & Care, Education and Treatment Reviews

Transforming care is about making health and care services better for young people with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Intellectual Disabilities who have mental health conditions or behaviour that challenges.

Care, Education and Treatment Reviews are designed to help people lead fulfilling and safe lives in their communities whenever possible, with less need for long stays in hospital or similar places. Care, Education and Treatment Reviews are used for children and adults with intellectual disabilities or Autism.  They are a way of checking whether someone needs to go into hospital or if their care and treatment can be provided in the community. The reviews promote a multi-disciplinary, preventive approach to addressing challenging behaviour and mental health conditions. Health, Education and Social Care Services all have to be involved in the Care, Education and Treatment Reviews.

For further information on Care, Education and Treatment Reviews can be found here:

If you believe your child requires an Care, Education and Treatment Reviews, please contact your local NHS Clinical Commissioning Group.